In Every JOb That Must Be DOne There Is An Element Of Fun, You Find The Fun And *Snap* The JOb's A Game!

We believe in the power of magic and make believe!

  • No matter what the event, we can provide your favourite Princesses to attend! Not only do we do our best to look as authentic as possible, we make it our mission to make sure each child smiles throughout.


  • Princesses not your thing? Why not try one of our new Rockstar/Popstar packages. We copy your favourite stars so you can feel exactly like them!


  • All of our performers are working or studying in the performing arts industry and they have experience working with children too!

  • We are based in and around Canterbury, so if you are over 30 miles away a travel fee will be included in any package you choose.If you don’t see what you are looking for, just get in touch and we can always work something out!


  • We are always updating and improving, so don’t forget to keep checking this space!

Please note that our princesses are played by more than one performer and you are booking the character only. If you inform us we will do our best to assign a specific performer to ensure character consistency.

We provide lookalike characters only. Our characters are based on those from well known fairy tales and storybooks. We do not affiliate ourselves with any other company or theme park, nor do we claim to. It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws.